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Hi sorry but we have been very busy for the last few haven't Blogged for some time. 

You can follow us now on Facebook and then maybe Twitter in the future.

We will be listing some new items soon...just waiting for the new trade catalogue that we order from to arrive and we are then hoping to buy some different items.

Please Feel Free

Hi again, Just wanted to say....If you have any ideas or tips for our 'Helpful tips' page please contact us and we will add them on so other miniaturists can benefit from them. Many thanks.

Happy New Year

Hi, we hope everyone has had a great Christmas and best wishes for 2011. How did everyone cope with the snow??? It made our deliveries a little hair raising.....Lol. Still it was a good excuse to stay in over the Christmas period and work on some more miniatures. That's all I think about all day long and have a small notebook beside my bed for those ideas that pop into my head when I can't sleep. Mind you I probably can't sleep because I'm thinking too much, Lol. I sometimes wish I could stay awake 24/7 as it would give me alot more time to make things. Unfortunately though we have to sleep.

Love of Miniatures

My love of miniatures has always been there. From watching programmes as a small child and wondering how they made fruit and vegetables in Cambellwick green, to Sindy and Barbie dolls with their accessories as I got a little older, to craving for a dolls house but never getting one, to looking after small children and making miniature scenes with them to now having a dolls house of my own and running a small business.

I remember making a sofa for a Barbie doll. I used an empty tissue box which ironically I stuffed with tissue to give it stability and used a kitchen roll and 2 toilet rolls as the back and arms. Covering all of these with foam and then covering that with a cut up pink pillow case which I collared out my Mum's airing cupboard (with her permission ofcourse). I knew it was not to scale but I was so proud of this and the little girl I made it for, had it for years.

Keep Making You Nutty Enthusiasts!!!!

Hi once again, I wasn't trying to be rude in my title, but us miniature enthusiasts are a little crazy. We must be......especially the ones that make their own items......We play around with the smallest of filligrees collect rubbish that others would throw away and horde everything and anything......A lot of which we drop and often loose, hoover up, get stuck to our clothes or forget what we had in mind to make with that piece of old material.

I have pens in bits and each piece is used for different purposes, lids, scraps of material, wood, wire, foam, felt cellophane, paper, ribbon, beads (some of which I have cut bracelets and necklaces up in the past), containers (for mixing paints etc..) stones (don't ask), a number of glues paints vanishes, filler, sandpaper (don't let me go on and on and on). If I listed everything that we horde you would be reading all day long.

Give me a dolls house or craft shop and I am there for hours. Sad I know, can be expensive at times, but we just love it. Keep it up you nutters!!!!!!!!!

Log Your Items

Hi to all, hope everyone has been busy filling their dolls houses/shops with different items and making some of them too, which adds a very personal touch. I started keeping a log of all the items I bought, the price and what part of the Country they came from when I got my first Dolls House. This helped me to see not only how much I had spent, but so I could remember gifts bought from friends and family and where they had come from. I also keep a record of different things I have made and whether they came out well and what glues, paints, materials etc....worked and the ones that do not. 'It helps when you start a new project'.

Perfume bottles

Hi once again to all you miniaturists out there. I have been making some perfume bottles this week and like to use superglue to stick them together, rather than PVA, as this sticks faster and usually stronger. Unfortunately the perfume bottles was not the only thing I managed to stick. Not only did I stick my fingers together but managed to stick a perfume bottle to them too. You would think after being involved with miniatures for nearly 12 years that I would have the knack of not doing this by now. Will I ever learn. Superglue is sure strong stuff.

New Stuff!

Have been working on some new items in the last week. Got one set of sweet jars on, under food/drink and have added a dolls/figures category too. These, like other categories will have more added over a period of time. Things this week did not go according to plan as like every miniature you try to make you always end up dropping them, for them either to be never found again as they go up the hoover or to be stuck somewhere you rather they weren't. 'I won't begin to tell you where I found a lemon bon bon'!!!!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our customers. We hope you all had a great Christmas. We hope you will look forward to seeing our new items this year. We apologize again for any inconvience it may have caused to our customers when our internet went down in December. Thank you for your patience!


I was out shopping with my Mum in a garden centre a few weeks back, when we came across some resin fireplaces, (dolls house size). On the mantlepiece were all the accessories that fireplaces might have, like candles, clocks etc... and hooks for you to hang up your Christmas stockings. The fireplaces came in three sizes, small with 3 hooks, medium with 4 hooks or the largest which had 5 hooks and at the back a tealight candle could sit in so the fireplace looked as if it was glowing when lit. The stockings were sold separately and they were personalised. If you could not find your own name then there was always Mum, Dad, Nan etc... If you are into miniatures these would not only look great in your dolls house (not the one with the candle though) but as a Christmas ornament or gifts for friends. Please look out for them when shopping they look great.


Hi, to all those dolls house and miniature enthusiasts out there, if you are looking for something particular just get in touch with us, you never know we may be able to get it. 

Welcome to all you facebookers out there. Thank you for taking the time to look.

Slight Delay

A slight delay with the new filled sweet jars, as we are trying out different types of sweets (not eating them, ha ha) just making them.

Please watch out for new items which are going to be added to our site in the future.

Sweet Jars

Started on sweet jars today, filling them with different types of sweets. Have made in the past, lemon sherbet, strawberry sherbet, liquorice sticks, fruit drops, sweet tobacco, blue bubblegum balls, pineapple chunks, chocolate fudge and bananas. Watch out for them in the future.


Started up website today. Hooray!!! Have designed this ourselves and are quite pleased with the results. It took a few months to finish but that was squeezing it in when we had the time. We have sold items in the past but decided to start our own website when our own handmade items were selling well.

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