Hello and welcome.

We are a Mother and Daughter run business and have been involved in miniatures for many years. Between us we have an old style rectory dolls house, 1/16th Triang dolls house, general stores (picture of it's inside on our homepage), tea rooms, sweet shop, Christmas scene and numerous miniatures that we have made.

Our family and friends think we are both mad when building or making, as we like to be as realistic as possible. For instance the picture on our homepage has a display of fruit and vegetables and when it was first put into the shop it was in the way of the door, 'well that's not right because how would the customers be able to enter the shop to make their purchases with that in the way'. This is how our minds work! Daft I know!

It can be frustrating sometimes when you are trying to make a 1/12 scale perfume bottle and your beads keep jumping out of your tweezers and rolling under the sofa. Or you stick your fingers together with super glue (not recommended). Or one minute have a small miniature in your hand, the next you cannot see it, only to find it when you go to bed stuck to your top or trousers.

The rewards of this hobby are in abundance, as not only would you get the pleasure of building and decorating your own dolls house but can have a go at making some smaller items to fill it. Or you can buy everything all done for you and have the pleasure of dressing each room with different furniture and accessories. It's great fun whatever way you do it.

Miniatures do not have to be restricted to houses or shops. You can make a number of miniature scenes for example on a market stall, a garden, on book ends, in an empty box etc... the list is endless. Just take a look at our Christmas scene in our gallery. 

So if you are thinking of taking up this hobby...please do...you'll love it!